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Our USPs

USP is something which is normally perceived to be the attraction points for an item, service or even individual. For us though, USPs are like different ingredients, which come together to create the perfect dish of delicacy namely marketing. As Philip Kotler puts it, “Marketing is a race without a finishing line”, we always strive to do better. So, the ingredients which separate us from other Digital Marketing Agencies create this irresistible mix known as Zoom Web Media are:

Digital Marketing Mix Approach:

    • Very unique but extremely effective Digital Marketing Mix approach which has been carefully crafted to fit individual needs. We also work on particular Digital Marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, Social Media etc.

The Dedicated Team:

    • Unlike others, we have special teams for digital marketing channels like SEO, PPC, Social Media, online reputation management, web design and development and such. Despite this well known and used general approach, we suggest the unique Digital Marketing Mix of our creation, for better results.

Strong Global Foothold:

    • We are a global company with strong foothold in multiple countries which has helped us to propel ourselves in the big league
    • Digi Web Design is our sister concern and all the payments to Zoom Web Media will reflect as Digi Web Design PTY Ltd in your statement.

Earning Profit Together:

    • Though we provide digital marketing solutions to domestic clients, more than 80% of our total client strength is international. The number of already served clients is more than 1000. Having this long list of success does not happen by taking things for granted and treating them callously. Since the beginning, our aim has been earning better profit together with our clients, instead of looking forward to just earning money for ourselves.

The Dream Team:

    • At present we have a team of 100+ members and it is a big achievement for us, because starting with a team of about 15 professionals, reaching this size is commendable. Today we have the strength, resource and expertise to assign dedicated team members for every project. Moreover, this team is a stuff made of dreams. We have goal setters, dreamers, advisors, award winners, popular bloggers, experts, fresh idea creators, Google and Bing certified members and most importantly, we have leaders. In short, we have everything that you can ask or need to brew success. The best part is, we are never burdened by any boundaries and are open to suggestions, changes and advises. So, we have the freedom to create any dream from scratch and see it mature.

Longer Existence means Better experience:

  • Being in the arena since 2010, has its own perks. The time has taught us many things. We have learnt to accept changes, problems, shot-comings and then grow to save the day. The years have been very generous on us and they have purged us thoroughly and turned us into pure gold.
These are the qualities which make us special and put us above the average options thronging the market. Therefore, whether you decide to enjoy the best in the market or settle for the mediocre is completely depended on your discretion
Zoom Web Media Global

Zoom Web Media's Global Foothold

Zoom Web Media Team

The Dream Team-Zoom Web Media

Digital Marketimng Mix Approch

The Digital Marketimng Mix Approch

Zoom Web Media’s USPs and Your Benefits

In the above mentioned section, you have read about the USPs that set Zoom Media Apart from others and propel us into the league of extraordinary choices, but that is not the end, because now you also need to know about the benefits to be reaped from such a situation. Unless you can see your benefit from something, investing money into that option does not seem very smart. Our USPs has been conceived keeping our clients and their requirements in mind. So, as a client, you can enjoy highest quality service, dedicated team or professionals for your project, on time delivery, state of the art visual representation, worry free navigation through the whole project, use of helpful updates in the process and so on. In short, you will be utterly benefited from these USPs both in boosting business and earning more profit.

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