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End to end Digital Marketing Services by Zoom Web Media

With the advancement of technology, way of life, thinking and imagination, the strategies used for doing better business is getting changed too. Zoom Web Media - a Digital Marketing agency based in Kolkata with its overseas office in USA is renowned for the assistance we offer to our clients.

Digital Marketing is not something obsolete, unheard off or very recent discovery. It was introduced in the market about a decade of more ago, but it is in the last 4 – 5 years that the process has gained popularity. Now most of businesses need to have an online presence and reputation. These days, majority of target audience is online and have spent a long time on internet. So the business houses have been targeting them using web marketing or online marketing strategies

We have separate pages dedicated in explaining the components and the ultimate product. To know more on the subject, please check the pages dealing with specific information

Our Digital Marketing and Design & Development Services

Responsive Web Design kolkata

Responsive Web Design & Development

To make your business easily accessible to potential customers using mobile devices, we have designed our Responsive Web Design and Development service to boost up the sales and profit ratio.

Digital Marketing kolkata

Digital Marketing

The most unique strategy, mixing all digital marketing channels to create the perfect boost for businesses. This is the ultimate customization of Digital Marketing and harbinger of the new era.

Online Reputation Management kolkata

Online Reputation Management(ORM)

It is to ensure your business can retain and enjoy its reputation, reliability and position in virtual world. Our Online Reputation Management service and team is dedicated to this end.

Digital Marketing agency kolkata

Digital Marketing

Identifying, searching, bringing out and using different channels of Digital Marketing strategy and using them for the betterment of your business. This will make things interesting, simple and quite beneficial.

E-Commerce Solution kolkata


This service will allow your business to grow in the modern market and make shopping, more user-friendly and safe, an experience for the customers. It is quite an achievement.

Mobile App Development kolkata

Mobile App

The service has been designed to ensure that, if you need, you can have your very own mobile app to make the business, sales procedure and other related matters smarter.


We feel ourselves to be lucky, because when we came into the market in 2010, Digital Marketing started to walk and run, instead of crawling along. In those initial days, the main focus of the businesses looking for digital assistance was Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It was thought that, being there at the top of the very first page in a search engine is enough to gain better foothold in the market.

But time started to change, along with it, the trends of the market. Simple SEO or SMO (Social Media Optimization) is not enough for the desired result. Moreover, as every business is different from the other, there requirements are quite different as well. So, there is a need for the perfect Digital Marketing mix to make things work.

This is the realization which prompted us to create the perfect Digital Marketing Mix for our clients. This is a mixture of the different digital marketing channels, created to achieve the result you have been looking for. Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Paid Ads (PPC), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Paid Ads (SMM), Mobile App Development, Reputation Management and likes are the different components of the unique mix approach we have developed, but if required, you can opt for them individually as well.

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